Grouting and injection

Troll A

In 2018 RaKon was requested to contribute when a new riser was installed at Troll A. The jobb was to grout a sealtube annulus to set up an extra barricade against the seawater. The grout operation found place inside of the riser shaft at 300 meter water depth. Meaning that we had a water pressure from the sea water of around 30 bar to grout against.

The operation was planed in detail, and method, equipment and grout material was proven in a full-scale test.

The operation was successfully performed in march 2020.

This was not the first time for RaKon. We did the same job in 2012, last time a riser was implemented at Troll.

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2012 and 2020

  • Testing
  • Development of method and equipment
  • Grouting
  • Engineering

RaKon has successfully preformed advanced grouting jobs for Equinor.

We plan and perform complex grouting operations above and below water.

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