Grouting and injection

Grouting and injection are methods in which light liquid materials are pumped into defined cavities. Cement-based materials are mainly used, but epoxy or polyurethane can also be used for density injection.

RaKon performs complex grouting and injection operations above and below water. Good planning and assessment of material properties is essential to achieve the desired result. We help you with the entire process from planning (material selection, procedures and equipment), to implementation. We can carry out testing of materials, equipment and methods to find the best solution. This will be beneficial for operations in demanding environments and requirements for results. Feel free to contact us to discuss different solutions.

RaKon offers grouting services, both on- and offshore. Grouting is a well-known method to ensure power transfer between components, as well as corrosion protection and filling of voids. We are grouting with all types of mortar, incl. Ultra-high Performance Concrete (UHPC). In offshore wind, grouting is well-known method to ensure good power transfer between tower and foundation, in addition it provides very good corrosion protection. Other applications in offshore wind includes grouting of piles, suction anchors and different underlayment casts.  We have a solid expertise from working with concrete offshore for several decades, and we are eager to share it with the offshore wind market.

We perform grouting and injection in connection with (but not limited to):
  • Grouting of power transmission connection (between TP and monopile)
  • Grouting of piled -, suction – and “rock sockets” anchors
  • Underlayment, e.g. grouting of adapter plate
  • Grouting of prestressed tendons
  • Sealing of cracks and cracks
  • Repair of cracked grouting connections
RaKon is good at solving complex problems.

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