Concrete inspection and – rehabilitation

RaKon is a full range service supplier within concrete and concrete rehabilitation. We have cutting-edge expertise in condition control and rehabilitation of concrete with challenging access. We also perform special assignments within grouting and injections, membrane coating and installation of cathodic protection on concrete.

We have extensive experience with concrete structures in marine and land based environment. We work with life extension of concrete, and check and ensure that the construction still has the load-bearing capacity, durability and visual expression for which it was designed. We perform both general visual inspection – and detailed inspection. During detailed inspection, we have a series of tests to detect weaknesses that are rarely visible on the surface.

RaKon is a certified contractor for offshore grouting according to DNVGL-ST-0126 (April 2016), “Support Structures for wind turbines”. 

We can contribute with:
  • Concrete rehabilitation
  • Custom casting
  • Inspection and condition assessment
  • Cathodic protection
  • Membrane coating
  • Grouting – above and under water.
  • Epoxy and cement injections
Our specialty is the combination of precise concrete work with rope access.

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