Cathodic protection

Troll A, Gullfaks C and Oseberg A

In some cases, the best option to ensure the integrity of the concrete structure would be to install cathodic protection.

Together with our partner Corroteam, RaKon designs and installs cathodic protection for concrete.

At the time, RaKon was the only contractor to have designed and installed cathodic protection on maritime structures at sea. RaKon has also carried out studies and field tests prior to installations.

We can list the following projects where RaKon has installed cathodic protection on Norwegian platforms:

  • All four shaft tops on the outside of Oseberg A for Statoil ASA in the period 2002-2006.
  • Internal drilling shaft Troll A for Statoil ASA in the period 2017-2018
  • External shaft tops Gullfaks C for Equinor – ongoing project started in 2019.

The work was carried out using scaffolding and rope access.

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  • Cathodic Protection
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  • Rope Access

RaKon has been a preferred supplier of concrete services for Equinor since 1990.

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