Concrete Work

Hywind Tampen

RaKon has contributed to the construction of the concrete foundations of Hywind Tampen. Hywind is Equinor’s pioneering offshore wind project, which is revolutionary in several ways. It is the world’s largest floating offshore wind park, and the first to supply renewable electricity to offshore oil and gas platforms. Aker Solutions (formerly Kværner) is responsible for the design, construction, transport, and installation of the concrete foundations for Hywind.

It has been an interesting project, where we have had good discussions across the professional concrete communities in the involved companies. Several materials and methods were tested, which resulted in a best practice. Ensuring that the methods were practically feasible in the challenging working space and that they gave the required results.

The concrete structures are the foundation of the floating wind turbines that will operate in demanding offshore conditions. To ensure the finish of the concrete surface and sufficient durability. We repaired the concrete by manually applying mortar, wet spraying, and casting.

The job was accomplished together with Consolvo and Proserv who did an excellent job.

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Aker Solutions

  • Testing of materials and methods
  • Concrete repair
  • Manually applied mortar
  • Wet spraying of mortar
  • Casting
  • GVI and NVI
  • Delamination control
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