Work at heights

Troll A, Troll B and Gullfaks C

What ever you want to call it, rope access, work at height or industrial climbing. This is a method developed from rock climbing. Today, it is an industrial method for working safe in challenging places at height.

RaKon has performed a number of assignments using rope access, and uses rope access as the standard method when working on concrete shafts on Condeep platforms.

In connection with other assignments offshore, RaKon often assists on requests when there is a need for a climbing team. This can be unforeseen jobs, or ad hoc work performed during downtime / waiting time due to weather.

Examples of such synergies could be:
  • Washing of draft marks with high pressure, Troll B
  • Window cleaning on a housing module on Troll A while waiting during inspection
  • DROPS inspections internal modules TRA and Gullfaks C
  • Inspection of ventilation outlet Gullfaks C, inner shaft
  • Inspection of loose protection plate under Troll A
  • Contribute to rescue service on a platform when needed
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  • Periodic Maintenance
  • Periodic Inspection
  • Rope Access
  • Installations
  • DROPS-inspections
  • Rescue Service

Over the years, RaKon has assisted Equinor with several technical jobs at height.

Our specialty is the combination of precise concrete work with rope access.

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