Installation of stair bridge


RaKon supported Consolvo when installing a stair bridge over Vøringsfossen. We where asked to contributed with installation and rigging at the most exposed locations using rope access.

RaKon also contributed with removal of some trees in steep areas.

Experienced rope access technicians from RaKon helped to ensure that the installation was carried out safely, quickly and efficiently.

Photo and video by: AF Gruppen/Catchlight og Hans Chr. Eien/VM Produksjon

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  • Rigging
  • Safety
  • Rope Access
  • Work at Height

“RaKon solved the challenge in a safe and effective way. We can see that rope access can be a cost effective solution compared to scaffolding and cranes. Specially for smaller jobs with challenging access.”

Olav Moen, Consolvo
Our specialty is the combination of precise concrete work with rope access.

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