About RaKon as

RaKon as is a civil engineering company established in 1990 and registered as a limited company from December 28th 1992.

Since the very beginning the company has been utilizing advanced technology with regard to inspection, repair, rehabilitation and cathodic protection of offshore and inshore concrete structures.

Engineering, planning and performance of complicated sub-sea operations are among the tasks carried out for the Norwegian Oil Industry.

Even if RaKon as is specialised on inspections, repairs and rehabilitation, we have since 1997 been working on:

  • Fresh concrete proportion
  • Concrete production
  • Casting
  • Early treatment of the hardening concrete to prevent later problems with regard to corrosion.
  • Grouting/pumping operations
The expertise within the company; including

  • Fresh concrete
  • Non Destructive Methods (NDT) of inspection
  • Prevention of corrosion and repair methods
can be used on all kind of constructions either if it is on offshore, inshore or land based constructions.

To be able to take on larger projects, RaKon as has been co-operating with other specialist companies. This is done to ensure that the Clients’ requirements with regard to progress, quality and cost are met.